Grenzschützer springenden, Komm rüber!

Dear Georgius

I remember those years, our walls were physical over the years our walls were also mentally, our suffering was so guarded that we did not realize that we were being mistreated ourselves.
Over time I did realize that in many aspects our life is like that which we experienced to us in Berlin, a lack of fear was enough for we realize to us that our walls can be transferred. The difference between life and Berlin is that the lade of fear is oneself, nobody will jump the barbed wire, nobody will remove our shackles of fear and suffering, neither nobody will break the walls of our mind. Looking up for a move forwad and walking wih pain because that way you will be cured, the way gives back all positivity and equilibrium.
I think about Rhein like the life sometimes when the water is stagnant it is rotted, but when it flows, when it follows its course it leaves everything behind, flowing free, its water is more pure and clear.
I am a photographer, but I know when I try to immortalize a moment of your life, you became slave of this moment and you do not live without to comparing without judging what you see, what you feel, therefore, and maybe you will be surprised that I tell that, but you do not take snapshots of your feelings, you live a present continuous of your pass without forgetting but forgiving each moment you lived.

Best regards

Peter Leibing

Conrad Schumann defects to West Berlin, 1961 full

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